Additional Insert: Baby Birth Stats Chalkboard
Additional Insert: Baby Birth Stats Chalkboard
Autumn Blue Design

Additional Insert: Baby Birth Stats Chalkboard

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Our exclusive Reusable and Interchangeable Wipe Board System is genius and makes rocking this parenting thing in the age of social media so much easier.

Once you have secured your Starter Pack it is time to choose all of the inserts that fit your family's needs. This is what makes this system so awesome -- pick the parts that work for your family and add on to it at any time.  

This listing is for our popular "Baby Birth Stats Chalkboard" insert only (it does not include the frame shown). The second picture shows what the design looks like once you have filled in your baby's information. The insert comes with the design shown in the first image.

Add each additional insert needed to your cart and have fun! Additional designs include: First Day of School, Last Day of School, Birthday Boards, Baby Milestones, Baby Day/Week/Month Trackers, Countdown Boards, Letter to Santa and more.

Once you receive your system, store all of your inserts in your reusable frame and voila! You have a milestone photo prop system for the whole family that’s easy to store, maintain, and use!

To ensure the best performance from your wipe board system and to avoid staining, please make sure to use only wet-erase chalk markers, and clean and dry each insert prior to storage. A great selection of colours can be found here.

New designs will be released throughout the year, so you can add to your family's system at any time.  

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