Our goal at Autumn Blue Design is to have each and every client of ours thrilled with their experience and delighted with their purchase. We hope each new client becomes a lifetime client, who recommends us to their friends and family and keeps coming back time and time again.

As a rule, we do not accept exchanges or provide refunds for any reason, unless the item is defective or was damaged in the shipping process. If this is the case, please contact us immediately and provide pictures of the item's defect or damage, as well as any damage to the packaging. Emails can be sent to 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Knots, grain pattern, stain color variations, slight warping, and knot bleed are not considered defects. We embrace and accept that when working with a natural product like wood, these things will inevitably happen. If you are not comfortable with the unique characteristics of a rustic piece, a handcrafted wood product may not be the right choice for you.

We also would like to note that we are a small business that makes all of our products by hand. We do not have a factory full of machinery somewhere that pumps out signs with little to no deviations. Each step in the creation process is carried out by hand: from the cutting and staining of each frame, sign, and ruler, to the painting of each and every design detail. Although we strive for perfection and sharp lines every time, slight differences can occur. But that is what handmade is all about -- the love that a human put in, that no machine can replicate.