We are super excited about our interchangeable and reusable wipe board system that we have created! Instead of having multiple chalkboards for each kid or each of your family's yearly milestones, you can now purchase ONE reusable frame with multiple interchangeable inserts! Mic drop. We know, this is mind blowing!

Now you can have a photo prop for every photo-worthy moment in the year, for any number of kids, and the best part is that they are all store together in the same reusable frame. No more storing multiple chalk boards or white boards!

Our exclusive Starter Pack includes your reusable frame and one insert of your choice (e.g. First Day of School - Bloom).

From there, purchase a selection of additional inserts that cover off lots of other photo opportunities throughout the year, like First Day of School, Last Day of School, Birthday Boards, Baby Milestones, Baby Month Markers, Countdown Boards, Letter to Santa and so on. Choose the inserts that fit your family and store them all in one reusable frame!

When a photo-worthy moment comes along, swap the insert to the applicable one, fill in the info (using wet-erase chalk markers only), take the adorable photo(s), repeat for multiple kids, wipe clean and dry, and then store it until next time.

New designs will be available throughout the year, so you can add to your family's system at any time.