“Mistakes Are Proof You Are Trying” - 8" x 8"
“Mistakes Are Proof You Are Trying” - 8" x 8"
Autumn Blue Design

“Mistakes Are Proof You Are Trying” - 8" x 8"

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This reminder is especially powerful in a classroom or a child’s bedroom. Mistakes don’t define us and it doesn’t mean you are failing - it is just proof you are trying.

Each of these are truly one-of-a-kind. Each yellow/green/aqua ombré colour combo is unique and never to be replicated exactly. It's compact 8" x 8" size allows it to fit just about anywhere you need it to be.

As with all Autumn Blue Design wood sign creations, the designs are painted on, rather than a vinyl design.

This item is premade and is ready to be shipped or locally picked up. No customizations are available for this item.

Please note: We use real wood (solid, plywood and mdf) in the creation of our products, which means no two pieces will be exactly the same. We purposely choose wood with character (i.e., knots, interesting grain patterns, etc.) and each piece accepts stain differently. This adds to the natural rustic beauty and individuality of each piece. We do our best to find the most interesting pieces of wood that are still as straight as possible; however, wood is a natural product and may change over time due to the weather, climate, and/or humidity.

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